Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Geekfest

My Geekfest today started with a trip to Wal-Mart where I found three of the five GI Joe adventure team figures. These are the Wal-Mart exclusives that I wrote about a few weeks back- Retro packaging, Kung-Fu grip, fuzzy hair and only $9.99 each!

I also picked up a DVD copy of “The Princess Bride”. I figured the Minions enjoyed ‘Stardust” so much last week they would enjoy this classic as well. I was right.

“She who must be obeyed” and I also shopping for clothes and books- her clothes, my books. We hit one of my favorite used bookstores where I scored a copy of Andre Norton’s Quag Keep.

Quag Keep is not one Norton’s better known novels, unless you’re a gamer, more specifically a gamer who cut his teeth on AD&D in the 70’s-80’s then you should know what I’m talking about. Few have the module, I suspect fewer still have the book, it was an awesome Geek boy find.

I also managed to plug some holes in my S&S book collection. I found #4 in the “Death Dealer” series- Plague of knives, and #3 in the Carson of Venus series- Escape on Venus. These incidentally bring my S&S paperback collection to 70 books.

I’m also working on a concept for a pulp game tentatively titled Mission: Adventure! That takes place in the cold war 60’s as opposed to the typical 1930’s pulp that everyone else is doing. I’m thinking a little “Jonny Quest”, little “Mack Bolan”, A little “Challengers of the Unknown”. I’m still in the early stages of development but I started collecting some research material to steal…er um…get inspiration from. I often do judge a book by it’s cover and this one looked fun. More reading!