Thursday, August 16, 2007


One of my little online peeves is finding a good Blog on a subject I enjoy reading about and then find out the guy posts once every three months. Now y’all know I ain’t perfect, my Blogging is spotty but at least I try to post 2 or 3 times a week, hell I even do catch up posts when I find myself getting too far behind.

The following are a few of my daily “go to” Blogs. They consistently post new entries with interesting content. Now these aren’t really the big mega Blogs that get 1000 hits a day. I’m talking smaller more personal Blogs with a daily readership in the hundreds, but the quality of the posts is definitely there.

Tim’s Blog has really taken off. He has a great mix of gaming and geek media. He gives reminisces, reviews and a bunch of Dr. Who stuff (I don’t really care for the Dr. Who stuff, but I waddle through it to get to the rest).

Jeff’s gameblog
Jeff’s place is familiar territory to many gamers on the net. He’s an old school soul when it comes to his gaming choices. And his posts reflect that.

A nerd’s country journal
Another Jeff. Jeff H. of Heromachine fame went out and bought a farm in Texas. From there he writes about the trials and tribulations of country life. He sprinkles it with geeky goodness to keep me interested. He sometimes goes all political on me and then there is the occasional "I’m an atheist" post. But he’s not one of those over the top fundamentalist atheists, at least he’s not when he’s Blogging. He’s a nice normal God fearing atheist. Jeff’s Blog is a welcome change of pace from all the gaming drama and action figure angst that fills my day.

Hank's Journal
On the other end of the spectrum we have Hank. Hank is a pulp fan so naturally he’s a kindred spirit. Hanks also a Chaplain in the Salvation Army. He doesn’t do much preaching on his Blog though, he mostly keeps it focused on pulp gaming and anything genre related.

Pith helmet
The Pith Helmet Blog has great color and style. When you see it you’ll know what I mean. It’s like opening a pulp magazine. Lots of interesting snippets. Occasional political rants, but nothing too extreme. I always find something fun there.

Dungeon Mastering
This is the “new kid” on my daily Blog route. I found it quite by accident. It was a link ad on my Gmail account. It’s fun, informative and light. It’s a solid 3.5 D&D site but the links and advice are applicable to gaming life in general. Good stuff!

Do yourself a favor and give these guys a visit. drop a comment, we love comments. Blogging isn't rocket science but finding cool stuff to write about daily can be a chore sometimes.