Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Work proceeds at a steady clip on my next release through Evil DM Productions. This time around I'll be taking a stab at the Pulp sub-genre of the Lost Worlds Adventure.

I plan to follow the same formula I did for the World of Broadsword. In addition to the world gazetteer, there will be an adventure where explorers from 1938 find themselves transported to The Lost World.

here is the Blurb for it.

The Lost World of Hador
This supplement will highlight the "Lost World" aspect of the pulp genre. In this instance the lost world is not in the center of the earth or in a hidden valley in the arctic. The world of Hador is lost between time and space. On Hador creatures thought to be mythical are real and peoples from all eras, past and future coexist in a world of savage wonder.

As with World of Broadsword, the Lost World of Hador will be geared towards Deep7's 1PG system. specifically- the pulp adventure game Dime Heroes. However, the gazetteer and adventure will be readily adaptable to any Pulp adventure rules system.

I'm getting quite a bit of help from my online friends covering a variety of subjects. Even though it's a Pulp game I want there to be some semblance of historical and linguistic accuracy. So my thanks again to all of you who have been helping out. I hope to be done with this project by early July.