Friday, June 06, 2008

World of Broadsword-Spotlight: Belsa

Wulfgar is a "Friend of the Lair" and all around nice guy. Today he sent me a campaign map that he is using for his Labyrinth Lords game.
The map is of Belsa Province, one of the areas featured in the World of Broadsword. As I opened the file I was as giddy as a schoolgirl. This is what its all about people, not the money, the fame, the women (well maybe the women). It's about people liking your stuff enough to use it, tweak it, and make it their own.

And he did one hell of a job on it.

WoB has gotten a good reception and great reviews, and hearing that it's actually being used in play was a great feeling.

"World of Broadsword worked great for what I wanted it to do. I ran the game with Labyrinth Lords (the Moldvay D&D retro-clone) so I didn't use any of the 1PG rules or stats. I used the world info to lay out the game world and provide the players with some background and rumors."