Friday, June 13, 2008

Losing myself in a Lost World

My Lost World of Hador (LWOH) Project is taking up quite a bit of my writing time.
Which is a good thing.
The ideas are coming along at a nice pace and so far I haven’t suffered any writers block. I’m about 25% into the project. When I can't actually write I’m trying to absorb source material for inspiration.

I’m reading a lot of Edgar Rice Burroughs novels, adventure comics, Time/ Life books and I'm doing quite a bit of surfing on the net. The way Hador is developing I’ll be able to tackle both the “Lost world” and the “Sword & Planet” angles.

I read last week about Pinnacle Entertainment allowing publication of products using their Savage World brand, and the idea is intriguing. With World of Broadsword the focus was on Deep 7’s 1PG System, but since then, I’ve been leaning more towards producing content that can be used for any system.

Back in 1985 Hero games put out an excellent supplement for Lost World adventuring; it was called Lands of Mystery and was written by Aaron Allston. In it they gave conversion information for systems like Chill, Call of Cthulhu, and Daredevil. I’m toying with the idea of doing the same with LWOH.

I could use Deep 7 Dime heroes, open source efforts like Four Color, and ZeFRS, and possibly Savage Worlds. It all depends on how much hassle it all is, I’m more of a fluff guy than a rules cruncher. Of course the first thing is to get the manuscript written and then move on to what systems to apply it to.