Thursday, February 26, 2009

24 years later-part I


Sheila looked at the cold corpse of her brother.

How Bob had ever found her she would never know. The years had been rough on them all but poor Bobby seemed to have taken it the hardest. It was over twenty years since she'd seen him last, since they all parted ways. She'd heard rumor that Bobby and Uni had been captured by Goblins in the Pomarj. Bobby escaped. Uni didn’t. Ever since then Bob had been on the skids, drinking heavily and on the lotus. Sheila had run into Di a few years ago at a tavern in Furyondy. Diana had said Bob was working as an enforcer for some Low life Half-Orc pimp in Hardby. That was the last Sheila had heard of him. Until last night. He showed up at her apartment. Strung out and babbling. She almost didn’t recognize him. And he couldn’t have shown up at a worse time. She had finally found a buyer for the jewels from the Skelos job. Some fool of a merchant from Greyhawk with more money than sense was meeting her that very night. So she sat Bobby down gave him some food and a bottle and told him to sit tight, she'd be back before dawn. He actually wanted to come along as if he could be of any help, same old Bobby.

When she got back to her place in the morning she found the door ajar. With dagger in hand she pushed the door with her soft boot and entered. Nothing appeared out of place, except for Bobby, lying on her blood-soaked bed with his throat slit from ear to ear.

To be Continued.