Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Make Mine Microsoft!


For the past week or so I have been struggling with trying to get some type of website put together for the up-coming release of Legends of Steel –Savage Worlds Edition. 

Since I started Evil DM Productions I have received lots of offers for website and Logo design. Unfortunately, I really cant afford the prices that I’m being quoted. At least not until I can recoup some of my initial investment.  So I needed to take the “do it yourself” route.

I can cut n paste – drag n drop with the best of them, but when you start talking about source codes and HTML, my eyes just kind of glaze over.

So I not only needed something free but also easy.  My first stop was my usual go to- Google.  I had a crappy site there already and I figured all I needed to do was update it. But then I find out that Google is no longer supporting their Google pages product, though they keep it running for those who want to keep using it. I really didn't want to tie my site to that hitching post.

So then I went to Tripod. And quickly left.

Finally I looked at Microsoft .

Now I’m gonna say something that may cost me a few readers, but fuck it.  I happen to like Microsoft. Nay, I LOVE MICROSOFT!

When I was In college Microsoft Office got me through many a late night.  I know for a fact that Power Point was responsible for at least three A’s based on my final presentation. And if it wasn't for Excel I would have dropped out midway through my statistics class.  And the first computer game I ever bought “Close Combat: A Bridge too far”  was from Microsoft ( I still whip that baby out and run it every so often), and as if I needed one more reason: my XBox360 lets me kick Nazi ass every day with Call of Duty . So yeah, me and Microsoft- tight.

So anyway, I do a lot of stuff on office live. I noticed that office live has a sub site-office live small business. Hey that's exactly what I want to be- a small business. in this suite of stuff they have a website designer. Nothing fancy at all, but it works and its free.

Even with this bare bones, no-frills program It still took me almost two days to hammer something halfway decent out of it.

So here it is.


She aint gonna win any beauty contests but she does her job.  Thanks Bill.

More later.