Friday, February 20, 2009

Goodwill – Where old games go to die.

Some call it Goodwill. I call it Greatwill.  I figured that my local Greatwill is an interdimensional portal for old games and Gamerstuff.

In one week, ONE WEEK, look what I picked up for as Little as .50 cents for the Tunnels and Trolls modules, $2.00 for the boxed sets, and a whopping $3.99 for the Dr. Steel- Big Jim P.A.C.K figure. I may never buy shoes there but I’ll snap up .50cent modules as quick as they set them out!

greatwill 014

I never even heard of this book till I saw it at Greatwill. It’s apparently a collection of Chainmail Bikini style funny short stories.

greatwill 013

greatwill 012

greatwill 011

greatwill 010

greatwill 009

greatwill 008

greatwill 007


The Dr. Steel figure has a fully chromed hand and still sports his dragon and wolf tattoos!

greatwill 006