Tuesday, February 17, 2009

“Want to give God a good laugh? Tell him your plans”

I just wanted to give everyone an update on Legends of Steel. To reiterate It’s written, It’s all done. It has gone for layout to add the art, table of contents, etc. Unfortunately the person doing the layout is under the weather at the moment. I heard from him yesterday and he is down for the count and focused on getting better. As I sit here I have three of my minions down with various stages of a cold. So even the Lair is not immune. I don’t want to string folks along with false release dates and stalling tactics. The first priority is ones health and family. LoS will come out as soon as these issues are resolved. But the good news is that this should be the final hurdle.

In other news, work on Lost World of Hador moves forward. Joffery has finished the cover and will begin work on some interior art, Ryan has turned in his latest updated version of the campaign map and I as always doing “research” and writing.