Friday, June 26, 2009


If you like a game, and I mean really like a game, do you buy multiple copies of it?

If your at a Games store or at a Goodwill and you see a copy of an RPG you like but already have, will you pick it up if you see it for like 3-4 bucks?

I noticed the other day that I have several copies of Top Secret/SI and several copies of the Basic D&D Rules compendium. And I'm sure that if I'm walking through a Goodwill and I happen to spot another Top Secret/SI boxed set I'll buy that as well.

I mention Top Secret/SI because I really enjoy the game, and since I have multiple copies of it, running it is easy on both myself and my players. It's a much easier sell to them if I let everyone know that I have extra copies of everything so no one has to spend any money.