Thursday, June 18, 2009

Operation:RPG Rescue

A few months ago I ran across a complete boxed set of the World of Greyhawk at a Goodwill store. I quickly snatched it up. I didnt need it, but I kinda felt bad about seeing it languishing there amongst the jigsaw puzzles. Nobody at the store even knew what it was, they thought it was a fricken jigsaw puzzle. I opened it up and saw it was complete and in pristine condition, somebody loved and cared for this game. There were even some notes scrawled in pencil, the seeds of a campaign no doubt. I wonder what happened to the guy who owned it?
Personally if you ever find any games I own at a Goodwill it's because I'm dead.

The happy ending is that it found a home with a good friend who had mentioned in passing he no longer had a copy of his own.