Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's all coming together

A few weeks ago I posted that the Minions and I have really gotten into Heroclix. Part of the Heroclix experience is explaining the powers and backgrounds of the various characters, which is really cool for me because I'm suddenly, once again the Comic Guru that I was many, many years ago.
"Who is this guy dad?"
"How did she get her powers dad?"
"Hey dad, why doesn't Quicksilver like the Vision? I thought they were both Avengers?".

Sometimes the answers come easy, some times they take a while to explain (such as Pietro's problem with his sister marrying an android).
"She-Hulk is not Hulks wife."
"Wonderman is dead, but not really-and he's no relation to Wonder Woman."
"Yes, Wildcats costume looks a little silly, but he was one of the first guys to teach Batman how to fight, so show some respect."

Interestingly the Minions have quite a bit of Superhero/Villain knowledge, but theirs comes from cartoons, hence it's flawed knowledge. the true lore comes from the comic books and I'm quick to point that out to them. Still its a start, and shows like Batman Brave and the Bold do kick ass.

All of this Comic book reminiscing has led me to revisit my collection. and in doing do has irritated "She who must be obeyed" as she is constantly coming across comic books and comic bags all over the house. This predicament has led me to seek a solution in the 21st century-Digital comics.

Thanks to my handy-dandy Asus notebook and my link to The Crosseyed-Cyclops blog (One of the coolest and most useful blogs out there) I've been able to download many of the comics I already have, for instant (and no-mess) gratification. and it's a helluva lot easier to carry full runs of Master of Kung Fu, The Defenders, and Sgt Rock on a thumb drive than in my man-bag.

Of course I'll concede to all the purists out there that nothing compares to holding the real thing in your hand, but at my age and lifestyle I've become more of a realist, and if there's anything I can do to make my life easier, then thats the road I'm taking.

So all in all things are pretty good in the Fanboy area. I'm playing with my kids, I'm their font of knowledge in all things Marvel/DC, I'm embracing new technology and have found yet another use for my netbook, and I'm reading the old stuff again.
Good times.