Saturday, June 13, 2009

Warriors and Warlocks with Legends of Steel

I just picked up a hardcopy of the Warriors and Warlocks supplement for the Mutants & Masterminds system. I bought the PDF a while back and overall I enjoyed reading it. But, as it’s been said many times before-while they serve a useful function, PDF’s do not replace the joy of holding a real book. With the purchase of the hardcopy, Warriors and Warlocks has gone from a file on my hard drive to a supplement I will actually use. I see a great deal of similarities between Warriors and Warlocks and Legends of Steel. It looks like the team from Green Ronin and I were on the same sheet of music most of the time. I even heard from one of the authors of Warriors and Warlocks who said there were a few things in LoS that he wished he would have thought of (That comment made my day).

I’ve been picking up a bunch of M&M stuff in anticipation of getting a game together. I think that the Warriors & Warlocks supplement and Legends of Steel campaign world would make a great combination.

Hey that’s not a bad idea…

Somebody get Green Ronin on the phone!