Friday, June 12, 2009

Dealing with encumberance

I don't often do personal posts since that really isnt what this blog is about. But, I have to throw this out for all you guys who might benefit from the info. I joined Weight Watchers in April. It wasn't an easy decision for me mostly because of my own ego and dumb sense of pride, but my weight became a medical issue that only worsened after I was in the accident. I'm not a spokesperson for Weight Watchers but since joining in April I've lost 23 pounds, which for me is pretty damn good. And I did it by not torturing myself with any stupid diets. They have this point system that helps you control the portions of what you already eat,rather than force you too eat crap like celery and kale.

Ok, so bottom line, guys if you need to drop some weight and do it with as little discomfort as possible, check out weight watchers, swallow your pride and damn any feelings of embarrassment. If you give it a chance it will work.