Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Broadsword review

Yesterday another favorable review for Broadsword came out, this time over at RPGnet.
I’m happy to report that Broadsword garnered 4/4 stars. Of course I can’t take complete credit for the game, after all Todd Downing came up with the original 1PG rules engine that I adapted, James Stubbs did the layout and several of the adventure scenarios , and Jeff Hebert supplied the great cover art, so it was really a team effort. But I can take credit for the inclusion of the “Advantages” portion of Broadsword which was an innovation that I brought over from my Legends of Steel game. It’s the advantages section, which allows the characters to perform “over the top” cinematic stunts and in my opinion it’s what really gives Broadsword its unique quality amongst the 1 PG line of games.

I’m currently working on an expansion to the game which will include more advantages, a campaign world using locations from the first nine scenarios, and a bestiary.

My efforts so far as a game designer are small compared to most of the other guys in the industry, but my name is in print which is cool and I still get a bit of a charge when I hear from someone who had a great time playing Broadsword with their friends. I can see why guys enjoy making games, it has to be the feeling you get, because it sure isn’t about the hot babes and the big money.