Sunday, September 02, 2007

Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich

When it comes to video games I am so far behind the curve I don't even try. So if you guys have heard of "Freedom Force Vs.The 3rd Reich", you can tune out now (Go flick on the Wednesday Girl tab or something).

I ran across this title months ago over at Kay bee toys. It had this really cool Kirbyesque cover of a guy that looked like "Spirit of 76" punching out a Nazi. Now as big a fan I am of Pulp Games, you know I can always get on board when it comes to punching Nazis, so I picked it up. Unfortunately it sat on my shelf gathering dust until today. I was straightening out the computer desk when Middle Minion Joshua spied it. After some prompting from him and his brother we opened it up and loaded it. Let me tell you folks, this is one cool little game.

You run from one to four Superheroes through a variety of scenarios fighting thugs, Nazis, Commie spies, Axis villains, Space Aliens,and other assorted baddies. You can play various superheroes or create your own (we haven't got to that part yet, since we just started). It's real old school "Four Color" comic book fun. The best part for me is that it's "Kid safe" no blood, hookers, or demonic overtones. It's really a virtual comic book you can play with. the heroes can gain new powers and strengths as you gain experience so there is a nice sense of accomplishment there.
I've heard of "City of Heroes" etc. which probably wipes the street with Freedom Force as far as graphics and doo dads. But for me and the minions it's fun and definitely worth the price (a quick check on Amazon shows it for about five bucks).