Thursday, September 13, 2007

Guilty Pleasure: Raven Swordsmistress of Chaos

Why does Chaos need a Swordsmistress? I have no idea. Maybe the folks at Games Workshop know.
Anyway, I read a lot of Sword & Sorcery, and I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes we ain’t talking high-end literature here. Some of this stuff is pure crap. But in my efforts to produce stuff for Broadsword and Legends of Steel, I must suffer for my art.

Raven is a series of S&S books that were published in England in the late seventies and in the US in the mid-eighties. I stumbled across #1, 2 & 5 a few weeks ago. I’m halfway through #1 and I must admit I kinda like it.

Escaped slave girl with a mystical destiny meets a mysterious warrior / sorcerer who recognizes her hidden potential. And with the aid of a sword master and his a band of raiders, train her in the fighting arts so that she can fulfill an unknown prophecy that will change the world…Yadda, Yadda, etc. You know the drill.

The locations are exotic, the action scenes are fun, and there are naughty bits, including a little girl/girl action- kind of like Xena but with some payoff in the end. I enjoyed the supporting characters and paid more attention to the locales than I usually would probably because I’m working on a campaign world for Broadsword right now.

All in all as the genre goes, I was entertained and came a way with a few snippets for use in my own gaming. From what I understand there were only five books, so I think I’ll try and hunt down #3 & 4.