Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nerd boy meltdown

Well the whole FASERIP ransom thing has been resolved. It looks like Phil Reed had posted the Beta to the advanced rules and had asked for feedback before he finalized it. It appears a few people responded but not a great deal he then decided to let it stay in Beta while awaiting more feedback. The problem was he didn’t communicate this fact sufficiently. And it has been in beta ever since. So it’s sort of completed but not done. Here is the link if anyone wants to take a look and comment.

I had an experience over the whole thing when I posted my Blog entry on a forum, the result that I got myself into a minor flame war, which was stupid of me. I felt I was stating the facts others felt I was disparaging Phil Reed. I didn’t see it that way but then I often come off harsh, more so when I’m having a nerd–boy moment.

Like I said- stupid of me.

But the end result is that the project is moving again and I hope it will see completion soon.