Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's Thursday - Let's talk Pulp!

David Drage has has started a brand new Podcast for Pulp fans called Dial P for Pulp. His first installment was released yesterday. Please support the effort and help him get it off the ground. I'm going to write him to see about exploring the Pulp gaming angle of the genre.

Speaking of Pulp Gaming-
Fat Dragon Games will be teaming up with
Exile Game Studios (Hollow Earth Expeditions) to come up with a line of paper model products for use with your "Lost Worlds" adventures. Their first release is a Drilling machine to aid adventurers reach the interior of the earth.

They also have a great selection of cavern and dungeon sets that would be excellent for ruined temples and such.

Even their futuristic line has pulp applications for laboratories.

You can't just go into a game store and ask them to direct you to the pulp figures aisle, well you can, but all you'll get are blank stares. Luckily there are companies out there like Pulp Figures that specialize in miniatures and accessories for the Pulp era gamer. check out these newest releases!

And that's your Pulp Thursday Report!