Friday, September 14, 2007

New feature - Flashback Friday

This morning I was looking through my old files for a couple of pieces I had written several years ago. My search brought me back to the old site that "the Lair" was hosted on before I switched to Blogger. It’s kind of funny reading some of those old posts from three or four years ago. I’m thinking of designating Fridays here as a place where I dust off some of the older stuff and post it again. I can stroke my ego AND not have to worry about posting on Fridays, sounds like a “win/win” to me.

So here’s the first,
When the Lair started it was a place for my gaming and action figure interests. Recently the action figure posts have really dried up. My interest in action figures and kit bashing hasn’t dried up but I just don’t have the time or the room to accommodate it right now.
So I thought I would drag out the old photos from the archives, of some of my earliest attempts at kit-bashing fantasy figures. As some of you know kit-bashing figures is a fluid process many of these figures have evolved and changed, some have been improved others have been stripped down and gone back in the bin. Right now I have about eight figures that are on permanent display and only come down for minor touch ups and equipment upgrades.

These are all older bashes from my early days.