Monday, January 11, 2010

Another great review for Legends of Steel and a word on Hador

Another great review of Legends of Steel- Savage Worlds Edition can be found at A Paladin in Citadel. While you're there stick around and have a read, the Paladin has some very informative posts. 

Sales for Legends of Steel-Savage Worlds Edition has fallen off a bit, so I'm hoping this review will generate a spike.  Simon and I have been pleasantly surprised at the sales of the hard cover version of Legends of Steel - Barbarians of Lemuria Edition.  We published it on Lulu knowing that the cover price was higher than we would have liked it to be, in fact it was more of a vanity thing on my part, I just wanted a copy of LoS in hardback. But a combination of discount offers from Lulu and overall love of the BoL system brought us much higher than expected sales.  And I honestly have to say it is a very nice volume.

Now to Hador- I was under the impression that I was close to finished with it. I sent it to Simon and a few others to have a look. 
I was wrong. 
I still have a way to go it seems. The overall feeling was positive, but there are parts that need clarification and further cleaning up. So I just wanted to let everyone know that Hador is alive, well, and still being worked on.