Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today was a great Goodwill day!

I did the Goodwill thing today and I happened along quite a few treasures.

First off, to add to my vintage TSR collection we have Hunt for Red October. Has anyone played this? any opinion on it? I bought it simply for the fact that it was a TSR product.

I picked up the Dragonstrike game for the same reason. However this one didn't have the VHS cassette in it.  Still for the price it's worth it for the miniatures and fixin's

Now this one made me do a double take when I saw it on the shelves. I was gonna pass but then I noticed it was only .99 cents. Hell for ninety nine cents I figured it was worth it even as a joke present (it was unopened and still in the cellophane). Imagine my surprise when I got it home and read up on the history of this bad boy. In fact, it's listed on Google as selling anywhere from $50-$200 bucks.  Like I said, today was a great Goodwill day.

Then I ran across this set of Battlestar Galactica paperbacks- now I dont read this series myself but I was willing to bet there was a fan boy over at Paperbackswap who would scoop these up, thereby earning me some credits. I was right these were spoken for within 15 minutes of posting them there. The Han Solo book is for me.

Here is a Frankenstein anthology. the deal maker for picking up this big boy is a short story by Karl Edward Wagner is included. Sold!

I had no idea that Hustler Magazine even had a paperback book publishing arm. Of course it's naughty Sci Fi, what other type do you think Hustler would publish?  But hey, for the oddness factor it was worth $1.50

All the rest of these are just great buys!