Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You have Got to be kidding me!

Didn't Mongoose just release this a while back? And didn't they strecth the release out into multiple CORE rulebooks at around $30.00 a pop?

According to their website the this new edition is :

"streamlined and revised"

"significant changes"

"Combat - perhaps the most controversial aspect of the first edition of the game - has been almost completely retooled."

"Magic, too, has undergone radical redefinition."

So basically if you bought the first books they're  now worthless.  

Of course, Mongoose Publishing was the same company that had to come out with a whole new edition of the Conan game named the "Atlantean Edition" because their previous edition was so flawed. In fact they just lost the license a few weeks ago. Gee I wonder why??