Monday, January 04, 2010

Manly Monday - Charles Bronson in "Hard Times"

Hard times.

A great movie with a great cast. Depression era drifter  falls in with a small time Con Man and travels the Bare-Knuckles circuit in the South. 

You guys know how much I like Pulp era fiction and gaming. My go to pulp author is Robert E. Howard. Besides Conan, Kull, and Solomon Kane, Howard wrote his fair share of "Boxing tales" in the pulps. This is one movie I'm sure he would have enjoyed. 

From a guy's perspective this movie has it all. If you're into Pulps and/or Pulp era gaming this movie should be required viewing.  

I would love to play in a gritty campaign based off of these characters- The slick Con Man, The failed hop-headed Doctor, and the steel-eyed fighter with a code of honor.

In Hard Times, Strother Martin plays one of my personal favorite Pulp gaming archetypes.  A failed medical school graduate, addicted to heroin. making his way as a unlicensed doctor for people who need a doctor that doesn't ask any questions.

Here's one of the fights from the movie. Bronson's character facing off against a local Bruiser played by veteran tough guy Robert Tessier (Who was the real deal -Korean War hero awarded the Silver Star).

Hard Times