Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Doc Rotwang Strikes Again!

The other day over at Doc Rotwangs blog  He wrote a simple passage about a game I hadn't really thought about in years. 

He didn't post too much about it, actually it was just more of a reminiscence than anything, but it got me thinking  (which he often does, despite his sparse posting). The Star Wars game would be a nice introduction to Space Opera gaming for the Minions.  They play Basic D&D, but we haven't strayed into the space lanes yet.  
I was watching George Lucas on the Daily Show where he was saying that despite the protestations of the Old Guard, todays batch of Star Wars geeks have their own favorite characters, and they ain't Han, Luke, or Chewy. 
Kids actually like Jar-Jar Binks (which I know for a fact to be true, having tiny minions of my own).
My Minions know the Clone Wars on TV they could care less for Obi-Wan and Princess Lea. 

So I'm gonna dust off my copy of the 1st edition rules ( I have the rulebook and the Star Wars source book). And see what other sources I can find out there. 
I hear the 2nd edition -Revised and Expanded edition is the one to have, but for now I'm gonna keep it simple for both me and my guys. 
I know as well that WOTC has a version out there, but my goal is cost containment and ease of play for the little ones.

But I will put a call out to any of you guys who have any first edition material your not using (modules etc.) if you want to toss them my way I'll pay postage. I promise they will go to a good cause (Warping young minds).