Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dr. Mindbender & Joe Karma

“Joe Karma” is what you do to help a fellow GI Joe collector who is in need of a certain item or hard to find figure. It works just like regular Karma only in that the good things that come back to you are Joe-collector related. As many of you Know Hasbro has suspended the 1/6th scale line of GI Joe figures. Two of the last remaining figures of that line to be issued are “Dr. Mindbender” and “Sgt. Bazooka”. These figures have been released but alas in only certain areas of the US. Meaning those collectors outside of those areas have to either pay out the nose on EBay for them or rely on the good graces of fellow collectors who live in the areas where the figures are available. Like many others I went on the various collectors boards and sent out my distress signal. Luckily for me a buddy on one of those lists answered the call. Not only did MG send me both the figures in a matter of days, when I asked him for a total so that I could compensate him for the cost of the figures and postage, he told me not to worry about it, or to send him something in trade if I was so inclined. That’s Joe Karma, and it works. I’ve passed a bit of it on from time to time and here I am a recipient of it in kind. Needless to say my buddy MG will be getting a package in the mail soon from me. Joe karma is a concept I learned while collecting Joe’s, I'm sure other hobbies have similar traditions. If yours doesn’t, try to start it. It’s a good feeling.