Thursday, October 13, 2005

Marvel pulp

I was looking for unrelated item over the weekend when I ran across an "old friend" in the back of a closet: my box of Marvel Superheroes Role-playing Game stuff. Not the SAGA system one, but the original game by TSR from back in the 80's. My friends and I loved that game! It was very basic and free flowing. Many of my more "Refined" gamer friends scoffed at the game as amateurish and simplistic, to them Champions was the only true superhero RPG. Now I enjoyed champions as well, but I remember it taking FOREVER to get through a combat between 5-hero pc's and a group of bad guys and their leader.

Well anyway, many aficionados of Pulp genre gaming state that a pulp game should be quick in resolution and give the DM lots of latitude in order to make the play over the top and heroic. That got me to thinking as I scanned through my well-worn rulebook; I wonder if anyone has tried to apply MSHRPG to a Pulp setting? I took some of my favorite Pulp Player characters from other systems and applied them. With a little tweaking they made the transition just fine. I'm thinking a low powered supers campaign set in an alternate earth 1930's. By low powered I’m talking characters like the Spider, the Green Hornet, Union Jack, The Rocketeer, and maybe a Mandrake the Magician-style spell caster (That way I can use the nifty "Realms of Magic" supplement).