Sunday, October 16, 2005

Jeff knows football

So my wife and I are out this morning doing our weekly run for supplies at Target/ Wal-Mart. Around noon we decide to stop by Burger King and bring the boys some burgers home for lunch.
The manager takes our order and after a moment he looks at me and loudly says “So whaddaya think, did Notre Dame get totally robbed yesterday or what!?” Now I aint much of a football fan, I know most of the NFL teams by their names and I played flag football in high school during P.E. but the game never had that much appeal for me. However, I have been blessed with my fair share of testosterone, so there was no way in hell I was gonna look like some effeminate Nancy-boy in front of my wife, this schlep and the truck driver in line behind us.
Obviously there was a college game of some importance that every self respecting American male should know about and one that Notre dame fans should be pissed about.
As I stood there with a dumb smile on my face thinking of what to say the Burger guy says “I couldn’t believe some of those calls’ they just weren’t right.”
So shooting blindly into the air I respond “Well you know Notre Dame is an old school, and there are a lot of powerful men behind these games, men with a lot of money.”
All of a sudden truck driver Earl behind me in line weighs in-“That’s just what I was telling my brother last night- them officials were paid off!”
I nodded sagely to Mr. Burger, collected my 99 cent cheeseburgers and joined my wife at the soda machines, my manhood preserved. Burger –boy and Earl were still talking about the game and my theory when my wife and I left. When we got outside my wife looked at me and smiled. “You didn’t know a damn thing about what they were talking about, did you?
“Hell no.” I replied. “But I’m a gamer, and that was just role-playing.”