Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Pigeon Lord

I think one of my funniest gaming experiences involved an old roommate of mine named Dave. Dave loved Psionicists. One day Dave and his fellow adventurers were trying to instill confidence in some local farmers they had been hired to help out (can you say Magnificent Seven?).

Well Dave the Psionicist decides to impress the yokels by demonstrating his Psionic powers of mind domination. I tell him that it might not be a good idea to mind control any of the farmers so he should try it on an animal or something. He asked me if there were any birds flying around. I said sure there is a pigeon on the roof of a nearby hut. He then proceeded to attempt to mind control the pigeon.

He failed his roll three times in a row. We were all laughing our Asses off. Dave got mad and said one more time and if he failed he would mind blast the pigeon.

Dave rolled one last attempt and got a critical failure. Everyone just about died laughing. I ruled that the pigeon now controlled Dave. So there was the groups Psionicist pecking at the ground and cooing. A few moments later the bandits attacked the village and throughout the battle all Dave could do was flap his arms and run around cooing.

He never lived that down.