Thursday, October 27, 2005

Two items today

Day old Dragons
A few weeks ago I posted that although Dragon and Dungeon magazines have moved on to the D20 system, and I am firmly entrenched in second edition AD&D, I still find them useful and relevant to my gaming needs. My main problem with the two magazines as of late is the price. I'm spending about $16.00 a month for these magazines and that’s a good size dent in my comic allowance. The other day I was at my local smelly game store and I saw that they were selling back issues of both magazines for 25% off the cover price. That got me thinking. How necessary is it that I purchase the magazines every month as soon as they come out? I mean it’s not like People magazine where the stories are only topical for that week (who is Jennifer Anniston dating? Is Beyonce pregnant?). The articles in Dragon and Dungeon will be just as useful to me today as they will be a year from now. Granted, that both of the magazines have little industry news bits in them and information on new game releases, but I can get that same information faster online on any of the dozen or so gaming/ comic book websites that I surf. So while I’ll still be picking up Dragon and Dungeon magazine, my days of rushing out to my smelly game store to pick up the latest issue are over. It just makes much more sense to let the issues age and ripen on the racks for a month or two and then get them at the discount.

Serenity in 2,000 words or less

Over on - Ron Swartzendruber has written a parody of the movie Serenity. It’s a hoot!
BUT…don’t read it until you have seen the movie. Or it will ruin it for ya…. you have been warned.