Saturday, January 12, 2008

Does anybody really care?

One of my good buddies in the Blogo-verse is a guy who goes by the handle the "Acrobatic Flea". He runs a very solid geek blog called Heropress.
For various reason he hasn't really been feeling the love out here on the net and has been thinking about folding up shop and dropping the Blog. Now this would be a shame, cause his blog is pretty damn good. He has insightful commentary, well written reviews, and other features that make his Blog one of my daily stops (and he doesn't even need half -naked girls to pad his weekly posts). In response to his post on thinking of quitting I responded:

"As official reader #2 I want to let you know I'm here just about every day. And believe me I know how frustrating it is to see a bunch of people visit and only one or two post a comment. But I find my blog as my way to log all the crazy stuff I see and think about. I use it as a repository for stuff I run across and don't want to forget. Your blog has turned me on to movies, games, and other websites I would have never known about otherwise.
I hang out at Midnights Lair because YOUR BLOG turned me on to it. so screw the world mate.
Blog for me and the other guys who appreciate it. Hell I got big numbers of visitors on my blog, but most of them just show up for the girlie picks.
They swipe em from me(The same way I swiped em from someone else) without so much as a "Thank you" and move on to the next shiny blog.
You think if my blog disappears tomorrow any of those guys would care? Hell no.
Like you, I have a few loyal readers, a small band of brothers that follow my blog cause we have stuff in common. Thats who I do it for. I blog for me, you and a handful of other guys who actually care about what I've been up to and what I think. I hope you keep it up buddy, but if you decide to close shop your always welcome at the Lair.

Is that how I really feel?
yeah, I guess it is.
I think blogging is more than just a little narcissistic. I mean, sure you tell yourself it's a way to post your thoughts and such, but it's also about that little charge you get when people actually respond to what you have written.
I love comments.
Do I get a lot of them?
But then again I don't leave comments at every blog I visit every day either.

Have I made some friends as a result of the blog? Yup, I sure have.
I hope the Acrobatic Flea keeps on churning out Heropress. But if he doesn't thats okay too. Because of our blogs I know him, he knows me. and we're mates. So it's all good.