Sunday, January 06, 2008

Last night I gamed!

Oh happy day!
I met up with Gabe, Cris, Vanessa, and Nate over at Great Escape games and had a rousing session of Cris's Pulp campaign using the Top Secret:SI rules and the Agent 13 campaign book. The game is set during the early years of WWII and involves elements of Nazi Spies, Time travel, and The Manhattan Project.

There was one other guy that was supposed to show up but he flaked, and unfortunately Vanessa linked her character to his, so she was basically out of the picture this first go-around.

My character, Angela Ramirez- Is a brilliant, headstrong, and of course beautiful research scientist working at Los Alamos. Gabe's character Jake Ryder- is an American GI who is being held for observation at the facility, the reason being is that he's from two years in the future.

After a bit of a shoot em up involving Nazi Spies who had infiltrated the base, Angela (who because she is a brilliant physicist) was recruited to research a device that was found on the Nazi spies that apparently allows not only time travel but also distance travel. So now Angela and Sgt. Ryder are about to embark on a mission to discover how this time travel device works, by trial and error.
This is the part where we are to meet Nathans character, who I'm told hails from the 1980's and Vanessa's character who originates in the 1890's.

It was a short session, as most first set up sessions usually are, but we did some solid role playing- I got a good concept of how I want to play Angela, and we rolled dice. I had a really great time (even though I didn't get to kill anything yet).

I hope the game continues. The group of players is good and I'm finally playing some Pulp!