Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pulp Thursday!

Lobster Johnson
I almost missed this! I saw the issues in my comic store last week and picked up all but #2. I'm on the hunt for #2 now cause #1 was everything a pulp comic should be.
Huge hairy monsters, Nazis, subterranean hideouts, Chinatown, electro blasters, cannibals, .45's, this story has it all. Get thee to a comic shop before it's too late!

Need a pilot for your Pulp game? Call Jimmie Angel.
A real life Pilot and adventurer (with a name thats 100% Pulp hero). This guy's life would make a great movie.
More about Jimmie here.

Thanks to NJ Harman for the tip on Jimmie.

And lets say your team of adventurers hire Jimmie and you all somehow you find your way to that “Lost Plateau” who better to greet your players than:

Gotta thank Trollsmyth for that one.

You can never have too many pulp blogs:
And here's another good one:

And checking out Christopher's blog will lead you to Planet X

Does this cover just kick ass or what?

And while we are talking comics, lets wrap this week up with a freebie.

I love Tim Truman's art. I loved his Scout and Spider stories in the 80's and I love his work on Conan now.

And that is your Pulp Thursday report!