Thursday, January 03, 2008

Pulp Thursday!

I'm working without my own PC and the resources stored there.
This weeks edition of PulpThursday features a listing of some of the Pulp related posts I had made prior to the regular Pulp Thursday. hope you enjoy!

One thing I try to inject into my pulp games is a bit of authenticity and maybe even some actual history where I can. One player paid me the compliment once that my games were actually educational. I don’t go overboard on the research and if it suits the story I’ll throw historical fact out the window and remind my players that we are on “Pulp earth” not real earth so they don’t bombard me with details and uncover my mistakes. Surfing around today I found this site dealing with the Naval contingent of the Hong Kong Police.

While most of the information is contemporary, some of it may be useful in helping a GM role-play procedure or even serve as a great background for an exotic pulp character.
The following was taken from the site and illustrates a skirmish level encounter between HK police and some real Chinese Pirates. The encounter plays out like it was written for a pulp adventure.

The Battle of Shek Pik
But some cases were reassuringly traditional in nature. In the summer of 1949 one of the more notorious pirates of the Pearl River delta decided to careen his junk near a small temple at the mouth of a stream which curled round a hill into the sea at the foot of Shek Pik Valley on the south coast of Lantau Island.
He might have got away with this insolent incursion had he not decided to extract a little `tribute' from the nearby villages at the same time, for as he prowled the upper end of the valley with some of his henchmen he bumped into a police patrol from Tai O. Shots were exchanged and the pirates withdrew to the temple, for their junk could not be refloated until the tide rose. Meanwhile the police patrol radioed back to Tai O for assistance. First on the scene was Launch No. 3 commanded by Inspector Schirjetski, joined shortly afterwards by Launch No. 4 under Inspector Blackhurst. The pirates were now trapped, but were still a long way from surrendering.
A force of some twenty men was hastily assembled from personnel available at Marine Police Headquarters and rushed to the scene aboard the former Air-Sea Rescue launches 21 and 22.

Among them was the young Marine Police Constable 3479 Cheung Sik-hung. This was his first major action, and he was never to forget it:

"Each of us was armed with a .303 rifle, a fifty-round ammunition bandolier, and a revolver. We landed at Shui Hau (over the hill from Shek Pik) and then advanced on the temple to meet up with some of the crew of launches 3 and 4, who had brought their launch Bren Guns ashore. The pirates had moved onto the hill behind the temple by this time. We surrounded the hill and there was a long fire-fight, but after their leader was killed the rest surrendered."

Two of the pirates, including the leader, were shot by Schirjetski. The leader died as he had lived: a revolver in one hand and a hand-grenade in the other. Ten of his men survived to serve long terms of imprisonment.

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One of the worst damn supplements you will ever find!

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