Friday, January 25, 2008

The Evil DM's collage contest

In celebration of having my computer fixed I figured I’d hold a contest. So here’s the deal:
At the top of the page is my Evil DM collage. The person who can identify the most pictures wins. The photos can be identified by either naming the source of the photo (i.e. Captain America #112 Marvel comics) or the Blog post it first appeared under (“Happy Wednesday” April 11, 2001). There may be one or more photos that don’t appear on the Blog or may have appeared on the Tripod Blog before the move over to Blogger, which is why the contest rewards the MOST number of pictures identified. If there is more than one entry with the most photos identified, then the winner will be determined by the date and time on their email, the first submitted will win. If there are entries with the same date and time then I will roll a D20, highest roll wins- The minions will serve as witnesses.

Win? Win what?
Well… I buy a lot of stuff, “She who must be obeyed” feels I buy too much stuff. Sometimes I buy stuff I’ve already bought, and then I have doubles. The prize will be a “Swag bag” of doubles. For instance: Ever heard of Harold Lamb? Well, I just found out I have two copies of his book Genghis Khan. Remember the Green Ronin sale? I have two copies of Testament-the D20 sourcebook of campaigning in the Biblical age. Stuff like that will be in the bag. It will be new, or collectible - Not junk.

Who can enter?
Anyone can enter. But being a one man operation, and on a budget I can’t afford to ship a swag bag out to Nepal or Germany. So if you win and live outside of the US you must have a US address for me to ship to, otherwise you forfeit.
Alaska and Hawaii- you guys are US (Don’t let anybody tell you different).

How do I enter?
1) Email me your answers before the deadline of 11:59PT on Monday January 28th.
Email address is: boojiesdad at hotmail dot com

2) On the side of my Blog is an advertisement. Click it. Visit it. Buy something if you want. This will help me pay for shipping. This part has to be on the honor system- so help a brother out huh (remember brain tumor…horrific car accident)?

So there you go. Good Luck!