Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My ZeFRS resolution

ZeFRS really is a cool system.
I think it captures the flavor of Sword and Sorcery better than most systems out there.
In its original inception as the engine for the TSR Conan RPG, it was one of the first games that asked questions like; where did you come from? What did your father do? What is your story? On the character sheet, right after your characters name and your name, is the word STORY in big bold caps. The character sheet doesn’t even deal with stats until after you have written a bit about your character. The stats had their place, but right off the top the game wanted you to start thinking of a background and a concept for your character. In a way, it was a story telling game before “story telling” games were cool.

Mark K and a bunch of the guys over at the ZeFRS board put a lot of hard work in taking the game, dusting it off and making it available for everyone (all this with the blessing of the author Dave “Zeb” Cook, no less).

Alas, the forum has gone a bit cold (my fault as much as anyone’s). But despite the lack of posts, I’ve noticed that whenever someone on any of the various RPG boards I haunt mentions a need for a good S&S game, ZeFRS is right up there at the top of the list of recommendations.

I keep telling myself that I have to do something with this game- Create a world, write an adventure, try to add something to the efforts of the ZeFRS crew. But there is always something pressing at my free time- Legends of Steel, Broadsword expansions, a hard drive crash, the list goes on. But I’m resolved to do something this year with it.

Is there a book or series that would benefit from a ZeFRS treatment? Conan’s been done, Thongor’s been done, Lankhmar? Done. What else? Sinbad (Harryhausen’s style Sinbad)? “Jack of all Trades”? Gor? I’m not sure, but ZeFRS definitely deserves some more love.

Any ideas out there?