Saturday, November 07, 2009

Evil DM Auction- Top Secret 1st Edition

We are back to RPG’s for the next Goodwill find. TSR’s Espionage classic Top Secret (1st edition). Normally this would be a keeper for me, but I already have several copies (also I’m more of a Top Secret S.I. player).

Note that the module isn't the original that came with the boxed set. But the module that is included (Operation: Rapid Strike) is in almost mint condition. The actual rulebook is in sweet shape as well.

check out the pics:

topsecr 001

topsecr 002

topsecr 003

topsecr 004

topsecr 005

topsecr 006

I am not a professional grader of books and games. These are “reading copies” I rescued from Goodwill . As I've stated in previous auctions, If you want to complete your private collection proceed, if you want to turn a buck and intend to bitch about every bend and crease on the cover, then move on.

The winning bid is $10.00

Paypal only (no cash, checks, or electrum pieces)

Payment due within 3 days from the end of the auction.

U.S. bidders only (seriously guys, U.S. Bidders only)

Winner agrees to pay $11.00 for USPS flat-rate Priority mail.

Auction ends at 6:00pm PST on Wednesday November 11th 2009.

Bid in comments section or at Boojiesdad at

Good luck.