Monday, November 02, 2009

Manly Monday - Simon Washbourne!

What could be more "Manly" Than talking about Barbarians?

Visionary game designer Simon Washbourne has his mind picked apart by the RPG Haven Podcast. Simon's Role playing game "Barbarians of Lemuria" is a genuine "Indy press" success. And now you have the chance to delve into the game designers mind. Its a very enlightening interview.

In fact, my only complaint is that they spend 4 minutes and thirty six seconds talking about some French guys and I only get the briefest of mentions, despite being the "other half" of the groundbreaking "Legends of Steel-Barbarians of Lemuria Edition" and an influential driving force in the Sword & Sorcery gaming renaissance.

But I digress.

And this really isn't about me is it? This is Simon's moment.

Seriously though- It's a good interview and BoL is on it's way into hard copy print and distribution to real brick and mortar game stores!

Go give it a listen.