Friday, November 06, 2009

Evil DM Productions (EDMP)

Con on the Cob
I had made plans to attend Con on the Cobb in Ohio. Well of course the surgery prevented that from happening. Since EDMP had already paid for table space, Chris agreed to man the table and take down emails for a free gift for stopping by. My fear was that the poor guy would be just sitting there doing nothing. Well that turned out not to be the case. Chris was able to show off his artwork including several pieces that he’s working on for the “Lost World of Hador”. He also had to state several time that he was not The Evil DM. Chris was also able to network and Schmooze with industry folks and all in all he reported having a good time. The folks who signed up for the “free gift” received a free PDF copy of Legends of Steel-Savage Worlds.

Legends of Steel
Speaking of Legends of Steel, in March we released the Savage Worlds Edition, Followed by the Broadsword Edition, And most recently the Barbarians of Lemuria Edition. Each version so far has garnered good reviews, including a great one on Amazon. LoS has been featured on “The Games the thing” podcast and on the “Game Geeks” You Tube show. We received a few dings for layout issues, but as far as the content, it’s all been positive. We are continuing our efforts to make LoS available to as many gaming systems as possible. The New Year should see the release of the ZeFRS edition of Legends of Steel and a Legends of Steel supplement for the new edition of the Basic Action Game System.

In recent months EDMP has been able to form creative partnerships with other companies, most notably Beyond Belief Games –creators of the Barbarians of Lemuria (BoL)RPG, and Basic Action Games- Developers of the Basic Action Super Heroes (BASH) line of RPG products. Since EDMP focuses on support products and campaign resources, rather than system creation, We believe these partnerships will enable our products reach a larger market as we assist and support existing RPG product lines Such as the BoL and BASH RPG engines in addition to continuing our support for the Savage World’s and 1PG systems.

With the success of Legends of Steel and several other products in various stages of completion, We have decided to look into making a showing as a company at the 2010 GenCon. Our goal is to have several different products for sale at the convention as well as unveiling at least one product that weekend.

As stated earlier, we have several product lines in various stages of completion. Our goal is to have a good mix of product offerings available for GenCon 2010.
While there are several products in development that we are keeping under wraps, here is a general breakdown of some of the products we have ready or that will be ready by the August deadline:

Legends of Steel (LoS)
Legends of Steel is a Sword & Sorcery guidebook and Campaign Gazetteer for the world of Erisa.
LoS Savage Worlds: Done
LoS Broadsword: Done
LoS Barbarians of Lemuria: Done
LoS ZeFRS: Awaiting Layout
LoS BASH: In production

Swords of Erisa (For LoS)
Swords of Erisa offers additional characters, locations, and adventures for use with Legends of Steel.
Swords of Erisa: In Production

Lost World of Hador (LWoH)
The Lost World of Hador is a Lost Worlds adventure using a pulp setting.
LWoH Savage Worlds: In Production
LWoH Dime Heroes: In Production
LWoH BoL: In Production

Mission: Adventure!
Sci-Spy Action from the 60's and 70's.
Mission: Adventure! : In pre-production

The World of Aurora
Aurora is a magical world of Romance and Heroic Adventure in a "Victorian" setting.
World book and adventure “For love and honor”: In pre-production

Age of Epics
A fantasy based medieval world of adventure the classic vein of the Prince Valiant comic strip.
Age of Epics: In pre-production