Saturday, October 10, 2009

Evil DM Auction - Gamma World Boxed set with two modules

Okay folks, the first auction went so well we will try another one with a few tweaks.

Up today we have another Goodwill find. A 1981 copy of Gammaworld. Personally I never got into Gammaworld but I know it's near and dear to many a old gamer. In any event I have a rescue policy for any RPG I run across at thrift stores.

The box is in okay shape, a couple of punctures on the cover and the corners are worn.
The rule book looks good and the map is clear.

the two modules are GW1 Legion of Gold and GW6 Alpha factor. both modules are in really nice condition.

I am not a professional grader of RPG's. These are games I rescued from Goodwill folks, I hope to sell them to a Gammaworld fan. Not to some speculator who is gonna turn around and try to make a profit on Ebay. If that was the case I'd do it myself. So consider these games "playable copies" not "collectible" ones. If you want to complete your private Gammaworld collection proceed, if you want to turn a buck and intend to bitch about every bend and crease on the cover, then move on.

Bidding is now over. The winning bid was $33.00
Paypal only (no cash, checks, or electrum pieces)
U.S. bidders only (seriously guys, U.S. Bidders only)
Winner agrees to pay $11.00 for USPS flat-rate Priority mail.

Auction ends at 12:00pm PST on Tuesday October 13th 2009.

Bid in comments section or at Boojiesdad at

Good luck Gammaboys.