Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Legends of Steel – it’s not Conan, but it ain’t so bad


The various editions of Legends of Steel have seen a spike in sales recently. It has come as nice surprise. The best reason I can figure for the spike is the recent news about Mongoose games and Conan Properties not being able to come to an agreement in regards to releasing a Runequest or Savage worlds version of their Conan game.

It seems that on a couple of boards talk of a Savage Worlds Conan Edition morphs into a Sword & Sorcery for Savage Worlds discussion, with someone eventually bringing up Legends of Steel.

I make no claim of Legends of Steel being anywhere near the league of massive efforts like Mongoose's Conan line, but it’s nice to be mentioned as at least being a viable alternative for folks who want some Sword & Sorcery flavor in their Savage Worlds gaming.

And by the way, after several weeks on Amazon, Legends of Steel Savage Worlds Edition finally has a review- and it’s a good one too!

check it out!