Thursday, October 01, 2009

Tunnels and Trolls solitaire modules up for sale

Hey folks, by order of “She who must be obeyed” I’m cleaning out some of my excess here in the Lair.

I picked up these old school Tunnels and Trolls solo modules at goodwill a few months ago. they are all used of course and they have seen some play and shelf wear but they are complete.

I have

#1 Buffalo Castle

#2 deathtrap equalizer dungeon

#4 Naked Doom

#5 Dargons Dungeon

#7 Overkill

#8 Beyond the silvered pane

#11 sword for hire

#!2 Arena of Khazan

#13 sewers of Oblivion

#14 Sea of Mystery

#15 Blue frog tavern

#16 Misty wood

The whole lot goes to the highest bidder. Bidding ends tomorrow October 2nd at 5:00 am PST.

the bidding is now at $10.00 for the whole lot.

Buyer pays shipping $5.00 media mail or $10.00 for priority.

Shipping to U.S. only

Pay via paypal by this Saturday October 3rd

You can bid in the comments section

Hopefully this will go off without any hassles, if so, I have more stuff around here I need to move on.

Bidding is over. Items were sold. Thanks guys!