Thursday, October 08, 2009

Swords of Erisa – Help us brainstorm!


With the release of Legends of Steel –Barbarians of Lemuria Edition and the popularity of the Legends of Steel – Savage Worlds edition, Evil DM Productions has decided to follow-up on these successes by moving  forward with the Swords of Erisa product.

Swords of Erisa will address a need that is brought to our attention with almost every email regarding Legends of Steel and the world of Erisa- Adventures.

Whether they play Savage Worlds, Broadsword, or Barbarians of Lemuria, Everyone wants adventures set in Erisa for their Legend of Steel game.  To answer that demand we are currently working on a half dozen adventures covering different areas of Erisa.

We are also brainstorming on other helpful goodies we can add to Swords of Erisa, so far we have-

A rogues gallery of personalities: friends, foes, contacts

A number of detailed places of interest (wineshops, Brothels, Caravansaries)

several locales- border fort, village, ruined keep

some “one-shot” encounters – just like the old “Sidetreks” from Dungeon magazine.

We are looking for things that will fit the genre as a whole, not just one system.  We don’t want to do a whole bunch of new Edges, Advantages, Classes, etc.

We want this to be more of a resource for GM’s. to help them pull something together in a small amount of time.

If any of you have any thoughts, suggestions, or ideas you would like to throw our way please do so!