Saturday, October 17, 2009

My 70's show

Big ass shirt collars.

Hiding in the trunk of an Impala to sneak in to a drive in showing "Cheech and Chong's Up in smoke". And being quite stoned the whole time.

Girls in tube tops.

Drinking Lucky Lager cause it was cheap. You could get a case for like $2.50

platform shoes and bell bottom jeans

The whole 70's run of the Avengers, Culminating in Avengers #176 and #177

Reading Mad, Crazy, Cracked and Car Toons


Ten speed bikes (I had a Schwinn Varsity)

Having a Geek crush on Wonder Woman, Isis, The Asian chick from Ark II, and Electra woman & Dyna girl.

Boz Skaggs "Silk Degrees" and "Frampton comes alive"

Trying to buy peppermint schnapps because we heard girls would drink it.

8 Track tapes-remember how they would fade out, change tracks and the fade in?

watching 8mm porn in my buddies garage.

Double dating in my buddy Bill's Polara - it had a 3 speed push button transmission (no shit).

And this song...