Friday, October 16, 2009

Evil DM Auction – Tarzan and Casca Paperbacks!

This week we take a break from games and move to my other passion – books.

When you have as many books as I do (which is too damn many according to “She who must be obeyed”), you eventually pick up a few doubles – which is the case with a few of the Tarzan’s. And when you find a true Pulp rarity sitting amongst a pile of bargain-bin Harlequin romances, your soul screams to rescue them – as was the case with the Casca books.

The Tarzan’s aren't really rare at all but they are fun to read.

The black covers are:

#9 Tarzan and the Golden Lion

#10 Tarzan and the Ant Men

#12 Tarzan and The Lost Empire

#13 Tarzan at the Earths core

The white covers are:

#7 Tarzan The Untamed

#8 Tarzan the Terrible

#17 Tarzan and the Lion Man

and finally, a 1964 copy of #22 Tarzan and the Foreign Legion

The Casca’s are quite a find, especially since they are all early ones:

#1 Casca: The Eternal Mercenary

#2 Casca: God of Death

#3 Casca: The Warlord

and #7 Casca: The Damned

Not a bad haul for a Casca fan. All are in decent readable condition. See the picture-


I am not a professional grader of books. These are “reading copies” I rescued from Goodwill . As I've stated in previous auctions, If you want to complete your private collection proceed, if you want to turn a buck and intend to bitch about every bend and crease on the cover, then move on.

The auction is over! Thanks everyone!

Paypal only (no cash, checks, or electrum pieces)

Payment due within 3 days from the end of the auction.

U.S. bidders only (seriously guys, U.S. Bidders only)

Winner agrees to pay $11.00 for USPS flat-rate Priority mail.

Auction ends at 12:00pm PST on Tuesday October 20th 2009.

Bid in comments section or at Boojiesdad at

Good luck.