Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paperback search

As you guys know I'm a bit of a pulp-fiction paperback fanatic. I'm having a helluva time closing up a couple of gaps in my collection.

Here are a couple of titles causing me grief.

I have the first three of the Falcon series but #4 is eluding me.

I'm also looking for any of the Wolfs head series. I have a battered and torn copy of #3 but If I should run across a better one I'll take it.

I've checked all the regular places E-bay, Amazon, several used book finding engines. But either its a no-go or they are too damned expensive. I collect to read not to put them in little plastic bags, so spending $25.00 for a used book is not gonna happen.

So if any of you guys have a an extra copy of any of these that you would be willing to let go for a decent price (like under $10.00) let me know.