Saturday, October 24, 2009

Meet Jed…

Here at the Lair we take our favorite holiday seriously. No cute little Hallmark holiday witches and chubby little ghosts. We don’t do cute for Halloween. 

This year the theme was “The Witches Graveyard”.

The story goes that out in the country, there is an old abandoned pumpkin field, where where witches go to bury their dead.  And every year on Halloween the witches bring white roses to remember their dead sisters. 

Jed 007

To keep the villagers from desecrating the witches graves, the coven created Jed.


Jed 025

 Jed is not really a Scarecrow, he’s more of a Scarehuman.


Jed 020



Like I said, we don’t do “cute” for Halloween.