Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rio Draco from Fat Dragon Games

Fat Dragon games has long been a "Friend of the Lair". And every chance I get to promote their products I will, Not only because they are good products but because they have a very high standard of quality and originality.

Stop by RPGNow and check out their latest release Rio Draco

The Rio Draco base set kicks off Fat Dragon Games new line of wild west terrain. This starter set includes everything you need, six unique buildings, each with multiple texture options, 3D boardwalks, balconies, hitching posts, water troughs, out houses and even a covered wagon!

This set included:

• American west style ground tiles including multiple detail options.

• Stream and pond tiles

• Bonus 2D tiles for building layouts

• Sheriff's office

• Saloon

• Dry Goods/General Store

• Hardware Store/ Trading Post

• Gun Shop

• Bank

• Outhouse

• Covered Wagon

• Hitching posts

• Water Trough

• Building texture options that YOU customize

• Full color beginners guide

As much as I love their fantasy inspired products, there is always a warm spot in my heart for westerns. I'm crossing my fingers for a western fort and eventually a move towards more pulpy fare such a Desert outpost and maybe a tramp steamer.

Pick up a copy of Rio Draco today at RPGNow.