Thursday, April 10, 2003

here we go again :0(
ISP down
Once again i am without internet for another day or so. BLECCH!
I can still access at work and at school so please contact me at

SoE and The Great Day of Joy!
Every year for one glorious day it occurs, the birds sing a tad sweeter, the sky above is just a smidgin bluer, and the brotherhood of mankind is edged just a bit closer to harmony. Yes my friends the reports are true, tomorrow is The Great Day of Joy!
Three and 9/10ths decades ago the Evil DM was sent to this tiny planet to spread that which he spreads best. and you my loyal players and Blog reap the benefits of membership in the Swords of Erisa Campaign!

here's the skinny...
You each have until midnight tomorrow night to email me THREE things that you would like to see in the future of the campaign. they can be anything, like a part of Erisa you would like to visit, a type of adventure you would like to try, a type of foe you would like the group to be pitted against. etc. please be serious and give it a bit of thought. I enjoy SoE and I want you all to be a part of it.

So whats in it fer me?well for each of you who responds before the deadline i will grant your character ONE LEVEL! thats right one whole level Gratis!
so put on those thinking caps and hit me with your best thought. remember before midnight tomorrow night. at 12:01am april 12th the deal is done.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I'm closing out my first week of my "two week notice" period at my job. God do I want to get the hell outta here! not that there is anything wrong with the company or the job. I just want to move on.
plus with the storms on the east coast keeping everyone indoors, nobody is calling in here.

lots of banter on the groupsite *good thing* but very little action *bad thing* I emailed Jeff H. this morning and told him to start earning his bonus XP and start kicking asses and moving the story along. for me, the time after the finish of a PBEM is always the worst. nobody wants to take initiative on claiming treasure or dividing loot. and getting everyone to turn in their updated sheets is a true pain in the ass (of which I, as a player am often guilty of). but I'm hopeful we will be moving on soon.

Monday, April 07, 2003

darrell's game
Saul Priest of Grun
well after several years it looks like i'll be playing in AHA again. Darrell will be running an adventure located in Pellen, it looks to be very fun and I hope deadly.

I'm gonna try and run a Priest of Grun. now grun aint a martial deity or even one dedicated to goodness and light. he's actually the patron of laborers-basically the average working joe. seems kind of unlikely but that was the attraction. the easy way would be to choose a priest of Heldar or Anhur, not a priest of the god of millers and tanners. but all in all i'm quite happy with Saul.
his background has him starting as a average parish priest trying to keep his chsrges out of harms way during the Vampyre war. when he failed at that he joined the resistance and fought as a guerilla until the Vampyre kings and their spawn were banished from Pellen by the Queen and her forces. afterwards he became a "Tribune". Tribunes were groups of three nobleman and/or clergy that travelled the land restoring order and dispensing the Queens justice. After a year of that he retired from the Tribunals and has travelled the land destroying undead. I gave him the exotic weapons proficiency. I'm arming with him with a kukri, repeating crossbow, and a cold iron mace. i was even thinking of using wolvesbane coated shuriken and rosewood daggers.

I was thinking of the movie "Dracula-Prince of Darkness." at the start of the movie the travelers are rescued by a monk riding a horse and using a high powered rifle. I thought the character was cool. and so i fashioned Saul after him.

I'v been working on a kitbash for him using a Christopher Lee figure.

Saturday, April 05, 2003

Lazy day
Mejia Land
Mom's b-day today she's 65!
She's off to Reno tomorrow with a bus load of relatives to conquer the nickle machines.

Congrats to Darrell, Jeff, Derek, and Rob. they each won a magic item care of "the Evil DM's Blog site."
Stay tuned and check in often, i heard the next giveaway will be quite uplifting.

Blogging 101
I'm still learning about this new form of internet communication. I hope to have some links up soon and maybe even some pictures. its an interesting format, i'll shoot some links out later so you all can see what experienced Bloggers are doing.

that's all for today, aloha!

Friday, April 04, 2003

Friday, 4 April 2003
well today i'm gonna start a weblog for the SoE game and action figure page. i'm not sure what all i'm gonna be using this for but who knows it may be interesting. So stay tuned you might find something worth your while!

Jeff got a new job!
yup. after WEEKS of phone calls, faxes and reference checks yours truly has accepted a position as THE Benefits Coordinator at the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) get it?? AQUA..ACWA...Water.
Anyway the position is several steps up in prestige and income. plus I get my own office. not a cube. An Office. with a real door!
Landmark was a cool place and I made some friends my short time here, but this is a definite career move.

Cool Website alert
I ran across this one today.

it's funny on so many levels and probably has some other interesting stuff I aint looked over yet.

Swords of Erisa alert
In the hopes that somebody out there takes the time to read this thing I will be offering various incentives that can only be found on this site. My first such is a random Magic item to be selected by me to any of my players that email me before midnight tonight that they have read this site!

Dragon #306
This months Dragon has some good stuff including a wonderful article on Paladins.

well thats all for today!