Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sword Coast Legends

Nerdgasm time.

My thanks to Bert for giving me the heads up on this. This will definitely be on my "Must buy" list for 2015.

Looks like it's 5th Edition and has the official D&D stamp of approval!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Now I get it (sort of...)

I knew that back in the day Marvel sold off a bunch of movies rights to several studios, but I never completely knew who got what. I found this today and it helps simplify things a bit. Also take into account the various studios got not only the heroes in those titles but also the villains (like Doctor Doom), titles (like Mutant), and associated non-super characters (Franklin "Foggy" Nelson).  and ,as with everything in life,  there are notable exceptions to these rules (like Quicksilver, who is a Mutant and an Avenger).

An online friend just sent me a more updated graphic.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Star Frontiers /5th Edition D&D conversion

I just ran across a 5th edition conversion for the TSR Star Frontiers game. Star Frontiers has always been a favorite of mine. Unfortunately I've only been able to play it a handful of times in the last 30+ years that its been around, but thats about to change. Thanks to Micheal Long a blogger on Tribality who wrote a great series of articles on converting Star Frontiers to 5E D&D. The articles have been gathered up, expanded on, and published in issue 11 of Frontier Explorer.

Star Frontiers /5E is a perfect mini campaign for my players to explore when we are ready to take a break from slaying dragons but still want to stay with the same ruleset. Many of the old modules are online and there has been  a great deal of fan support for Star Frontiers over the years in the form of at least two publications that I'm aware of - Star Frontiersman and Frontier Explorer.

 I really hope Micheal continues the series and adds more support for his 5E conversion. For now, a hearty thank you Micheal Long for your efforts!